The best things to do in Tel Aviv

Vital hotel uncovers the best things to do in Tel Aviv
May 2022 update

Things to do 

The Israeli Independence Day is a national holiday celebrated to mark the declaration of independence of the state of Israel at the end of the British mandate.
Since 1949, Independence Day has been enshrined in the law as well as a "state holiday".
This year, Independence Day will take place on 4 – 5th of May, and if you are in town you wish to pass by the independence hall in 16 Rothschild Blvd, Tel Aviv.

"Amazing!" is the name of the spectacle culture event which will take place on the 8th of May at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.
The event is following the exhibition "Yayoi Kusama: a retrospective".
The discussion will examine the age of the spectacle in art and culture, in the real world and in the digital media. How do museums, artists, designers and technology people represent the Zeitgeist? What need is expressed by the constant search for the Wow effect and raising the excitation threshold? What features characterize the contemporary spectacle, and what social and culture phenomena does it articulate?
The event will feature an encounter of key experts from the fields of culture and media, with an audience interested in culture, art and innovation.

Tel Aviv Museum of Art
The museum is located within 5-minutes walk from Vital hotel.

Venus, Aphrodite and Botticelli in a contemporary look! Papaioannou sculps the bodies of hos eight dancers and creates a poetic world, an erotic dream that moves from pure grace and humor to chaotic nightmares in a work tat shakes the conscience of the audience. This dance show is an intensive visual experience of breathtaking beauty. The performance includes full nudity.

The Israeli Opera
The Opera house is located within 5-minutes walk from Vital hotel.
Pop Show

Pop rock band Maroon 5 will perform in Israel on Monday, may 9t, at Tel Aviv Park Hayarkon.
It will be a first stop in the middle east for the Grammy winning, multi-platinum group from Los Angeles, California.
Park Hyarkon is located 10 minutes' drive from Vital hotel.

Menorah Mivtahim Arena
The Arena is located 10 minutes drive from Vital hotel.
Food & drink
Bar | Onza
Onza is the place where a young vibrant Tel Aviv atmosphere combines with the magic and mystery of the Jaffa flea market to make a delicious cocktail restaurant.
Here, a sophisticated and innovative bar is blended with a meticulous menu created by two chefs who give ottoman and Turkish cuisine a temporary twist, using the finest ingredients and advanced cooking techniques. The outdoor scenery is composed of Jafa alleyways that are filled with fascinating sights, scents and this ideally complements the restaurants interior.
Rabbi Hannina 3 , Tel Aviv
Sushi | Kanki Sushi
Your next trip to Tel Aviv will would not be complete without dining at one of the most prestigious Sushi restaurants!
Kunki Sushi and wine bar is a Sushi bar in the center of Tel Aviv, Bugrashov St. coming in, you are invited to taste a wide range of types of Sushi, all with an emphasis on freshness and quality.
You are welcome to start with the first selection of entrees that are on the menu. Try the special dishes as well, and accompany the food with a glass of wine from the alcohol menu.
Bugrashov 23, Tel Aviv.

Food Tour | Carmel Market
Enjoy a guided thorough tour in the heart of Tel Aviv, at the Carmel market, the most famous of all Tel Aviv's marketplaces.
The culinary tour of the market includes local food tasting. It will give you areal insight inti the taste of authentic local foods and flavors.
You will learn a lot about different foods that are prepared locally. You will notice that everything is fresh and tasty. It is a fun way to spend two or three hours.
Departure from 45 Allenby St., Tel Aviv