Vital Hotel is located in the cultural center of Tel Aviv city were you can find a variety of entertainment for a romantic date, with friends and family.
The Vital Hotel is just a few minutes' walk from the Israeli Opera - the Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center, the famous Tel Aviv Museum, the Beit Ariela Library and the Cameri Theater, where you can enjoy a variety of plays performances and events suitable for everyone.
Habima Theater, the National Theater, is a 10-minute walk from the hotel, there you will enjoy a rich repertoire as well.
From Habima Theater you can walk toward Rothschild Boulevard from one direction and the main streets of the city in the other direction, Dizengoff and Ben Yehuda.
Around the hotel, just steps away, you will find fine verity of restaurants, From chef restaurants such as chef Yaron Shalev's Toto restaurant, Eyal Shani's new Malka restaurant, Mitos restaurant and also street food restaurants.
Most of the restaurants in Tel Aviv are open on weekends, but you can find quite a few kosher restaurants.
In addition, a 3-minute walk is "Kikar Hamedina" - with its many designer boutique shops and the cafe and even the Beit Lessin Theater, where unique performances are performed all week long.

Tel Aviv museum of Art

Just a five minutes' walk from Vital hotel you will be amazed by the most impressive museum in Israel!
 It houses the best of Israeli art, showcasing a display of modern and contemporary art from Israel and abroad. As a major player in the vibrant cultural capital of Israel, it is a must visit for international and local crowds.
The famous Pastel restaurant resides in the museum's ground floor.  The restaurant attracts visitors from the Tel-Aviv Museum of Art, the Cameri Theatre, and the Israeli Opera, as well as guests out on the town, enjoying its unique location.

Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center

This is the biggest cultural center in Israel. it is home to Israeli Opera and the Cameri Theatre. The center hosts a variety of performances, concerts and musicals. It is located a few minutes walk away from Vital hotel.

Weizmann City Mall

This mall, which is connected to Vital Hotel, has a magnificent glass ceiling and huge indoor shopping area, fast food counters, cafes and food stands.
 It hosts a fabulous ice cream parlor, hairdressing salon, a large supermarket, a Gymboree, a fitness center and a convenience store. 

Kikar Hamedina

Square of the State is the largest plaza in Tel Aviv and the most luxurious shopping area in Israel.
 What makes this square magnificent is the array of international designer stores and major representations of high-end brands from Europe and America such as Gucci, Saint Laurent, Givenchy, Fendi, Dolce & Gabbana and more.  

Rabin Square

This piazza is the main large public city square in the center of Tel Aviv and one of the city's most famous locations. Over the years it has become a site for numerous political rallies and parades. following the assassination of prime minister Iitzhak Rabin, which happened there in 1995, the square was renamed after him.The square is a lovely open space with peaceful ecological pool and a unique sculpture, the perfect place to sit down and chill in front of the Tel Aviv municipality building. At night time you can enjoy the vibrant bars, restaurants and coffee shops around the square.

Expo Tel Aviv

This international business convention center is a magnet for conferences, events exhibitions, lectures and courses.
 The fairground complex is located a few minutes' drive away from Vital hotel and hosts Israel's most exiting events.
 The fairground has ten halls and pavilions and a large outdoor space including an amusement park known as the Luna Park. 

Sarona market

Sarona market is Israel's biggest indoor culinary market. It operates seven days a week and offers innovative contemporary food in stores, stands and restaurants.
 In this urban market you can experience the full intensity of all the flavors of Israel's produce: exquisite cheeses, fine wines, handmade pastries, boutique beers and artisan chocolates.
The Sarona Market complex was designed to be the heartbeat of Israeli culinary art under one roof.